Thursday, February 23, 2017

Digital Storytelling

To conceptualize the importance of digital storytelling begin by taking yet another look at the ISTE Standards for Students

While completing the rest of the RWLD's try to answer the following questions:
  • How digital storytelling aligns with ISTE Standards for Students?
  • How could you as a teacher use storytelling and digital media in content areas in your classroom?
Explore the website from the University of Huston devoted to the educational use of digital storytelling. Focus on 7 elements of Digital Storytelling
image by Magdalena Galloway
Before you even start to think about the video production, you need to create the narrative script. (No, it will not kill spontaneity and fun of creation. It will enhance the professionalism and better align with the standards mentioned above) Learn the screenwriting process in this video: 

You will  also need storyboard to create a video. Why? In a nutshell, a storyboard is a visual representation of your awesome ideas and a tool to map the flow of your future video. The storyboard is your blueprint and, in the long run, it will save you a headache and allow you to create the video masterpiece you've always wanted :-) Watch the video that best explains the importance of  storyboard:

Read 7 things you should know about Digital Storytelling (.pdf document created by the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative)

Additional resources:

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  1. I never really thought of digital storytelling this way until i read the standards. It has made me realize its more than just technology or for fun or homework. Its a new way of looking at something and learning and using and applying things we know as teachers and as students.