Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mobile and 1 to 1 Learning

Will you be prepared to teach at a 1:1 school? And what's the big deal about going 1:1? Read on!

Laptops Vs. Tablets Which one is best for learning? That's an endless debate when it comes to what technology we should be giving our students in the classroom. Here are two interesting articles about each form factor. The Day of the Tablet Vs For the Love of Laptops. Read both and be prepared to share which one you would want in your classroom and why you would want it.

If you end up teaching in Iowa, there's a pretty good chance that you'll be in a school district that already has a 1:1 initiative. During the lecture we're going to explore what the Cedar Falls school district is doing with their 1:1 program. To prepare for 1:1 CF schools had to update their network infrastructure. Please read here about what they did, even before they completely made the decision to go 1:1.

With going 1:1 you've got to measure how well you're integrating technology in the classroom. One of the methods that Cedar Falls schools use the SAMR model. To learn more about this model, visit this web page and watch a few videos at the bottom to make sure you understand how it works. Make sure you spend some time on this page! Here's a video to get you started.

Start exploring on your own the many resources available to you to make you a better teacher! Here at UNI we have a wonderful resource called that has a wealth of information and can teach you how to use different software packages. But did you know that it also has videos dedicated to K12 education? You can find videos on topics such as Classroom Management Fundamentals, Flipping the Classroom, Teacher Tips (using technology), Social Media in the Classroom, Foundations of Teaching with Technology and many more! Now I don't expect you will watch each one of these before our lecture Monday, but I do want you to watch the introductory video of each of them and look at the index of videos available in each course. Want more? Here's the whole list of K12 resources on Having the knowledge of where you can find help is key for teachers! This resource is FREE until you graduate, then you have to start paying so take advantage of this now. Click and log in using your UNI CatID to get started today.